When people are learning about Georgia, they will often read about Atlanta and how it was the city that was burnt to the ground during Sherman’s march. However, after getting past that and the modern sports teams that are in the city people will want to know more about the history of the town and know more about how the town has grown from its humble beginnings into the thriving city it is presently.

Atlanta Georgia Company

Atlanta GA’s Founding

Founding of the city was not really done, like most people would assume in the 1700’s. Instead, the city was not really founded until 1836 and it was then started because Georgia wanted to get a railroad line that would connect them to the Midwest. So this is the start of the city and one that is going to allow people to know the city started out as a railroad town and actually is still seen as a railroad town as it has helped people in getting the rail connection that it still has as CSX and other rail lines have multiple tracks going through the town.

The rail lines that were going to be started in Atlanta and are still present today quickly took root and started to grow tremendously in the ways they are being handled and built. By the middle of the 1850’s, Atlanta would be seen as one of the premier rail hubs in all of America and unlike some of the other rail towns it would continue to thrive and keep the tracks and town stable.

Atlanta GA After the War

After the war between the states, Atlanta would start to establish some of the most prestigious African American colleges in all of America. At the time, these colleges would face some stiff opposition, but it would be something the colleges would overcome and continue to this day to be some of the best schools that are in the country and still seen as prestigious.

The Jim Crow laws that were present in the south at the time of the reformation was devastating to a lot of communities for the African Americans, but Atlanta would see a rise of a large number of African Americans who would reach the middle class level. This allowed people to get the right help in getting the city founded and would help to provide some setting for the battling of the Jim Crow laws.

The Draw for Most Atlanta Georgia Company Founders

The shopping district of Atlanta, used to be one of the most prized in the nation, but it quickly started to fade as the country turned more towards the office towers that would be a sign of modern society. In fact, these towers are still standing and with the rebuilding of parts of the city, almost every Atlanta Georgia company has started to see a rise in their revenue.

When people are trying to learn about Atlanta, they will often notice the first thing talked about is the burning down of the city. However, what people need to realize is this is not all the city is famous for and in fact the city has quite an extensive history. With this being said just a little blurb on the history of this town will make it easy for people to see just how important this city is. Also, find out what you need to know before starting a business in Atlanta Georgia.