There are a lot of free internet marketing methods in the market right now. The problem is, most business owners and marketing departments don’t know where to look or how to use them. On this page, we’ll go into how to utilize these methods to boost your search engine optimization efforts.

Free Internet Marketing Services

A great internet marketing service that is either free or paid, depending on your needs is They have a lot of great local tools that you can use to check out your competitors sites and back links. I personally use Moz all of the time to check on my competitors and my own websites. They have an open site explorer that tells you certain metrics about a website that you can use to see how you stand up against the competition. At Force Boost, all of our Seattle SEO experts utilize dozens of tools every day, but this one is the most favorable.

Another great free tool to use that is similar to Moz is Majestic SEO. When it comes to search engine optimization, back links and anchor text are important. It’s best to use both of these tools in unison to truly get a good snapshot of your website.

Other Internet Marketing Services

Another useful internet marketing service is Google Webmaster Tools. This site, when linked to your website, can tell you the exact number of people that are landing on your website every day. Furthermore, it tells you how they got there. You can even use it to tweak your search engine optimization efforts to increase your rankings in the search results. You can easily do this by seeing what your website is ranking for, going to that page, and increasing the on-page optimization for that keyword. We do it all of the time with our own website.

SEO is Free Internet Marketing

There isn’t an internet marketing service that doesn’t use the above methods. They all use them every day. However, we know that a lot of other marketing companies and consultants don’t use them to their full potential. As a Seattle SEO expert, I find that many of these companies just outsource a lot of the work to other companies and freelancers on ODesk. At Force Boost, we do everything ourselves and in-house. This means that you get special attention and are never pawned off on someone else. If you complete the aforementioned steps in directory listings, on-page search engine optimization techniques, and social media, you will get a better result than half of the companies can provide. After all, if you know how to do it, SEO IS free.

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