Unless you have a dedicated internet marketing staff, social media marketing often falls by the wayside in the daily operations. It may seem that there are just too many social media sites to stay on top of. This results in a lowered presence your local area and online.

We all know that social media can be a great way to revitalize previous marketing campaigns and customer lists. In fact, its also free. However, really getting a campaign off the ground can often be challenging. Internet marketing has so many moving parts that it can be stressful to orchestrate everything to work together and actually drive business. But, you should know that social media efforts are free. It doesn’t cost you anything to try. If have tried and failed, good for you. That’s more than what most businesses have done. It’s now time to bring out the big guns. Fill out our discovery form for more information on what our Seattle SEO experts can do for your business.

Social Media – Free Internet Marketing

If you haven’t yet gotten a page set up on all of the leading social media sites, I highly suggest that you do so right now. Facebook and YouTube get a ton of traffic and we all know how a weird picture can go viral overnight. Don’t just sign up for any old internet marketing service that says they will manage your campaigns for you though. You need a well thought out plan of attack that only a Seattle SEO expert can provide.

Social media marketing isn’t just posting something on Facebook or Twitter every day. It’s letting people know about promotions and targeting ad placements in the right demographics. We know how to do this and we’ve completed some very successful campaigns for multiple companies.

OtherĀ Free Internet Marketing Methods

If you do a search online for a free internet marketing service, you might get some pretty shady results. But there are a few ways to get your name out there and let people know about your services or products that you are offering.

Besides social media accounts that you personally own, you can also have your customers refer other customers through their social media as well.

If you haven’t listed your website on local directories in the proper categories, you won’t be seen by very many people. A lot of these online directories act as a free internet marketing service. They rank pretty highly in Google and Yahoo and they won’t cost you a dime. Get on sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages.

At Force Boost, our Seattle SEO experts will naturally get you listed on over 100 directories that pull a lot of weight in the search engines. This combined with social media marketing should get you a little bump in customers coming in your door. This also will lead to a small rise in your income.

Also remember, if you know how to do search engine optimization for your own site…that is also another free way to advertise. I’ve seen websites do extremely well in the search engines just from great keyword research and optimization.

SEO and Organic Traffic Funnels

Another free method that you can try when it comes to an internet marketing service, is free websites and blogs. Now, these won’t rank that well for your biggest search term, but they tend to do very well for long-tail searches. They have enough authority as part of their root domain that new pages published on them climb the rankings pretty quickly. With a little bit of search engine optimization techniques, you’re off to the races. If you feel like doing this yourself, call us today and a Seattle SEO expert can give you a quick brush up on the sites that do a great job of this. If you combine all of these things including social media marketing, which you can definitely do yourself, you’ll gain more customers.

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