Partnering up with a Seattle-based marketing consultant is one of the best decisions you can make to grow your business. While you’re busy fulfilling orders and the needs of your employees, the details sometimes get overlooked. An SEO expert from Force Boost will be able to identify where most of your advertising and marketing dollars are being spent and the ROI for each. We can then set up a custom tailored campaign to reach new customers and revitalize existing buyers.

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What we mean by a Seattle SEO expert is a person who is trained in general marketing concepts, sales funnels, customer acquisition strategies, website optimization, social media metrics, and most importantly…conversions. Tom Peck, our senior marketing consultant has over fifteen years of experience in all of the above areas, plus some. When searching for a search engine optimization consultant, it is important to know the process. Below, we’ll describe how we go about creating a marketing campaign.

Initial Meeting with a Marketing Consultant

After you fill out our discover form, a Seattle SEO expert will contact you to schedule an initial meeting. During that meeting with a marketing consultant, we will discuss the needs of your business, your ideal customer, your service area, previous and current marketing efforts, and return on investment.

After the marketing consultant has gathered all of the data and has answered your questions regarding our services, we’ll compile all of that data into a spreadsheet. This gives us a good view of how things are looking overall. It tells us what your business is doing that is working and what things need tweaked.

At Force Boost, we don’t just focus on optimizing your website. Any SEO consultant will do that for you, but maybe not as well as we can. We focus on your business gaining revenues on a larger scale. Through many platforms and sales techniques, our Seattle marketing consultants leave no stone left un-turned.

The Cost of a Marketing Consultant

Any marketing consultant that gives you a rock bottom price regardless of your needs or the size of your company may not be the best bet. Why would someone charge the same amount of money to a small company whose goal is to grow by $500,000 in sales compared to a large company who’s goal is to grow by $2 mil? Any Seattle SEO expert at Force Boost knows the difference of what each goal requires. Therefore, costs will vary tremendously when hiring a marketing consultant.

Seattle Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Local marketing is much different than a national campaign. There are some unique advantages to marketing and advertising in just one metropolitan area. A Seattle SEO expert will discuss some of those unique benefits on the next page. Before you go hiring any old marketing consultant, be sure that they know how to target the exact type of customer you are looking for and that they can show you the numbers to back it up.

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