Anytime I have friends, business associates or relatives come in town, the question of where to take visitors in Seattle is never a factor as I always take them down to Pike Place market. All of the television shows about Seattle, Washington feature it a lot so when people come here, they obviously want to see it. We usually spend the day down there and after it gets dark, I drive them through the Seattle center so they can see the Space Needle. If you have visitors coming into town and you don’t know how to host them for a day, this post is for you.

Where to Take Visitors in Seattle? Pike Place Market of Course!

Where to take visitors in Seattle Washington

In my business, I always get visitors. I’ve also traveled to many other cities and when I’m there, I always want to see the sites. Likewise, my visitors always want to experience the real Seattle, Washington as well. Even before I started my business here in Seattle, I would always take my guests to Pike Place Market. Here’s usually how it goes…

I always start our adventure by parking under the bridge. I try not to park my car too close to the market if there aren’t any spots open under the bridge since it gets pretty expensive. I usually park a few blocks away where you can get parking for around ten bucks for the whole day. That just means more money to spend at the market. Visitors usually don’t mind walking a bit because it gets them out and about.

After we’ve parked, it’s on to Pike Place Market. I start our journey at the North end of this Seattle landmark and there’s usually some street performers and people lounging around on the open grassy area right there. On the way there, I show them the original Starbucks and Piroshky Piroshky which always smells delicious! Before they get a cup of coffee or some food, I make sure that everyone has everyone else’s phone numbers in case they get separated from the group. That’s pretty easy to do down there.

As we move through the mass of people, a few people will check out all of the artwork that vendors have as you enter the market. After that of course are the flower vendors which only Seattle locals tend to truly appreciate. I mean, if you are just visiting, what are you going to do with a bunch of flowers anyway? As we make our way through the main drag, I always stop at the Pike Place Fish Market. This is the main show for my visitors every single time. Unfortunately, no one ever buys fish from my group, again – they’re just visiting Seattle – but they do get to see the fishmongers yelling and throwing fish to people that order them.

We then make our way through the other wing of Pike Place Market where mini-doughnuts are sold. There isn’t a whole lot to see there, but it always gets the group hungry enough to take a little break. I have two favorites. We either go to Pike Place Brewing Company or the Alibi Room. I like the latter because it gets them to see the disgusting gum wall that has also become a Seattle landmark. I’m not sure how it got started, but it’s still there and people keep adding their used chewing gum to it.

After everyone has gotten something to eat, we’ll explore some of the shops that are in the lower levels of the market and then we go over to Post Alley. At that point, we always grab a beer at Kells Irish Pub. It’s a really cool ambiance and you can get a pretty nice view of the water and boats.

I Take Visitors to Pike Place in Seattle Every Time

If you ever wonder where to take visitors in Seattle, Washington, go with Pike Place Market every single time. They’ll love it and they will never forget their trip. In fact, the more trips you take, the more you learn about the history of the place and cool little shops…not to mention the best places to eat. After you’ve been down there a few times, the next group of visitors you have that are new to Seattle, Washington will think that you are a genius or historian. No joke. Have fun!