LinkedIn SEO for Reputation Management

If you use basic on-page techniques for SEO, LinkedIn can do quite nicely for reputation management. If you aren’t familiar with search engine optimization techniques, that’s okay. I’ll show exactly what you need to do to optimize your LinkedIn company profile.

So, let’s assume that you DON’T have a company profile set up yet. If you already have one, you can skip down to the “On-Page SEO” section.

Creating An SEO’d LinkedIn Company Page From Square-One

linkedin search engine optimizationOnce you have logged in, you’ll want to click on the “interests” tab and then click on “companies” in the drop-down menu.

After that, look over to the right side of the screen and you will see a yellow button – “create.”

Obviously click on that button and it will take you to the “Add Company” page cialis generika apotheke.

On that page, just enter the name of your company and your main email. DO NOT use any punctuation in your company’s name. It will make later SEO efforts more difficult. Just take my word on that one.

Also, free email accounts won’t work so you have to use your official company email. After you submit the information, you’ll get a confirmation in your company’s email. Log in and click the confirmation link to continue setting up your business page.

seo linkedin


On-Page SEO for LinkedIn Profiles: Keyword Optimization

A lot of people take on-page SEO for LinkedIn profiles very lightly. This is a huge mistake. Google trusts LinkedIn in a big big way. The more authority a page has in Google’s eyes, the more likely it will outrank negative reviews…if you use these VERY BASIC search engine optimization tips.

Ok, so if you remember from our last post on using Facebook SEO for reputation management, you know that we are trying to target your company name, your company name + location, and your company name + reviews. This is what is called Keyword Optimization in the SEO industry.

i.e. “Awesome Inc,” “Awesome Inc Miami,” and “Awesome Inc Reviews.”

You will also be targeting your phone number and address this time.

If you’ve done this all without logging out or anything, clicking on the confirmation link should take you to where you need to be.

linkedin company profile tipsIf you are logged out, obviously log back in to your personal LinkedIn account. Then, go to “interests” -> “companies” again. Then click on your company’s name on the right hand side of the screen. Then click the blue “edit” button.

First off, make sure your company’s name is accurate. Again, don’t use punctuation.

Down in the company description, you get 2,000 characters to work with. That gives you roughly about 300 words.


Some other LinkedIn Optimization services just write the same thing for every business they work with. A boilerplate is NOT what you want!

You have to have original content here. You will not rank highly if it is the same company information that you have on all of your other social profiles. Or other company’s profiles. Use different words and phrases. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or anything, just different from other profiles. Google hates duplicate content. Use synonyms and different sentence structures. Mix it up a bit.

In your 300 words, you will have the following terms:
Company name
Company name city
Company name reviews
Company name review
Phone number

Here’s what your SEO’d LinkedIn company profile description could look like.

linkedin profile optimization

Blah blah blah, you get the idea. Put an extra paragraph in there with the other terms to target (listed above). The more content you have in there, the better.

At the bottom of the description, type your company name without punctuation and the exact address and phone number that Google has on the right side of the search results when you search for your company’s name. If you don’t have that yet, use the exact address from your company website.

Again, the more “robust” your profile is, the better your reputation management efforts will pay off.

Apart from SEO, Use Images for Better LinkedIn Business Profiles

Yes use them. Its not that hard to get your logo and re-size it. Just search for “free image resize” on Google and you can figure this part out…or have someone who knows how to do it do it for you.

The main image needs to be 646 x 220. This will be placed at the top of your page. It should be a banner-type picture. I’ve found that just a big text of the company’s name works well here. You can easily create this with software already on your computer.

The next image needs to be 100 x 60. This is going to show up on the left side of your company’s name. It should NOT be the same picture as your main image. It should just be your logo and maybe your company’s name in small text.

Your small logo needs to be 50 x 50. I would just keep this as your logo. It will show up on other people’s feeds whenever you post something.

Posting Updates to LinkedIn for SEO & Reputation Management

Be sure to post something to company every couple of weeks. In your posts, you should focus on having your company’s name and the word “reviews” in it.

No, you don’t need to hire someone to do this for you. Just drop a link to one of your other profiles or blog posts.

In your posts, also focus on your keywords: Company name, location, review, and reviews.

Here’s a couple of examples:

“Hey be sure to read our latest blog post where management at Awesome Inc reviews the pitfalls of inventory management! [link],”

Go on Fiverr and get a bunch of followers for your business page after that.

And there you have it. You’ve just created a totally search engine optimized LinkedIn company profile page! If you do this right, it could outrank even the nastiest of online reviews and you could be one step closer to better managing your online reputation. Read more SEO tips on our homepage.