How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for SEO

Optimizing your Facebook page for SEO purposes (getting your site to show up in FB’s search results) is one of the easiest things that you can do RIGHT NOW without hiring someone to do it or assigning the task to one of your staff. If you do it right, you will ALWAYS outrank less desirable search results. Thanks to a little on-page SEO, showing up in Facebook’s open graph search is actually pretty easy.

If you’ve already set up your business page, you don’t need to RE-DO it necessarily. Just read this post and do anything that you haven’t done already. Most likely, you’re going to need to add a lot of content and keywords. Here’s how you do it.

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO

Some people will pick company, organization, or institution. I recommend that you choose the local business or place option. Local companies get a little better ‘oomph’ in the search engines.


After you have chosen the ‘Local Business or Place’ option, you’ll get a screen where you can put in the physical location of your business and your phone number. I suggest that you use your actual legal company name in this case cialis oral jelly.

In this example, I’m making a page for an inventory management company in Miami, Florida called, “Awesome Inc.”

IMPORTANT TIP: Use the EXACT address that Google has you listed under. If your Google Places listing says “Street,” or “Suite,” all of your other social profiles should have it spelled out like that as well.

If you don’t have a Google Places listing yet, be sure that you fill this out as it appears on your website. This is what Google picks it up from. If they list it differently in the future, go into Facebook and all of your other social media profiles and change it.


After you have filled in your business information with the same information that Google has, you get to set up your company page with more basic details. Remember, we are trying to rank your Facebook business page for a few different terms all at once.

Your company name + service 1

Your company name + service 2

Your company name + service 3


It’s smart to put your Company Name + Reviews somewhere in there like I’ve done in this example. Since people often look for reviews on your company before hiring you in the future, your Facebook page will show up in Google’s search results. The same goes for people searching for your company’s/firm’s name in your city.

Be sure to add any additional services that your company/firm specializes in so that you are more likely to show up in FB’s search algorithm.

If you have already created your Facebook business page, then don’t worry about this step in the SEO process. You can go into a different screen and change this up.

Optimizing the Actual CONTENT of Your Facebook Page for SEO

Now that the basics are filled out, you need to add a lot more information. Google loves content. It loves relevant content more importantly. By relevant, I mean that you have to emphasize certain words and phrases so that it knows what exactly your Facebook page is about. This is the core of SEO. Doing it enough, but not too much, is the key to winning here.

Again, you are trying to rank your Facebook business page for your company’s services that you are offering. With that in mind, think of different ways that people might be searching for services that you are offering. Use those terms in your description.

You can put a ton of information in the ‘long description’ and ‘general information.’ You should describe what your business does, why it is a valuable service, when it was founded, why it was founded, where you operate and how far your reach is in the market. Again, the more content – the better.

Don’t get TOO creative here. Just be very informative with your information. By default, you will have so many references to what people are actually going to be searching for, you will naturally rank for a lot of them.


After you have filled all of this information out, this is what it looks like ↓


As long as you don’t name your company “Awesome Inc,” you should be pretty good to go.

Get 25 likes and then change your URL to something shorter. You’ll rank better. I recommend that you put your legal company name and the main service you offer for best results. That is, unless your company name includes your service already.

After optimizing your Facebook page for SEO, you have to be ACTIVE on it. Get some fans & ‘likes’, post some relevant content, and you’ll see your rankings increase. The more relevant followers you have, the more likely you will show up in Facebook’s local search results.

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