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Did you know that almost 80% of possible customers or job candidates will decide NOT to do business or seek employment with a company that has a negative online presence?!


Ever Wonder Why Your “Applied” to “Showed” Ratio Stinks?

If you have 100 job applicants per week that search for your company’s information online, almost 80 of those will cancel, no-show, or just refuse to pick up the phone when they see your number on the caller ID. Yes, people Google your telephone number.

That means that you are left with the candidates that didn’t search for your company online or they are coming into the interview skeptical. How quality of a candidate is that?

If you don’t do a GREAT job in interviewing that candidate, you’ll lose them.


Ever Wonder Why Clients Back Out of Your Services?

You can control the quality of your services all you want, but there are always going to be unhappy customers. Most of these unhappy customers will just buy from a different service provider next time. But some of them are going to leave bad reviews online.

I call these people the LOUD MINORITY. While the majority of your customers may love your services, they aren’t leaving positive reviews online. Unless you REALLY WOW’D them, they are just going to go about their daily lives.

This leaves potential customers and/or clients reading what the loud minority of unhappy customers has to say about you and your business.

Again, you’ll lose most of them.

You Will Soon Be Able to Control What People See Online

Controlling conversations is important in your lobby, and maybe even MORE important online. We can control it.

I’ll reach out to you shortly so we can identify your needs and put an action plan together.

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