Atlanta is a city with a very storied past and that has already been well documented, but it is also a city that has managed to become well known for some very unique things for people to do. Some of these things, like the parks are not that unique in some regards, but it is what is in them that sets them apart. With that being said, here are some unique things that people can do while they are in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Some Unique Things to Do in Atlanta GA

Chamblee antique row is one of the most unique shopping trips around. While almost every city will have a shopping mall that is nothing but antiques, very few of them have items that will shock and amaze someone. With this little row, people will find items that are not only going to shock them, but also amaze them because of what is in the antique shops.

The Alliance theater or True Colors theater are great options for people who want to go see a show before it makes it big and hits Broadway. However, this location is going to make it harder for people to see some of the shows, the theaters are still world renowned for having some of the best releases of shows in America and in some cases the world. So this is something else which people may want to consider going while they are in Atlanta, because they can see a Broadway bound show before it cost the Broadway prices.

Blind Willies is a great blues club that people will really enjoy some great blues music. The bar itself will remind people more of a New Orleans style blues bar than being in Atlanta. However, the sound of the blues music is so unique that people just cannot help but falling in love with the music.

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Check Out Old Atlanta Georgia

Time travel may not be possible yet, but their is a good chance that a traveler will feel like they are taking a step back in time when they go out to some of the plantations in the surrounding area. These plantations are still set in the same time period they were before the Civil War and this provides a unique perspective in how life was in the pre-Civil War South.

Richard Petty and the Atlanta Motor Speedway have teamed up to bring a very unique experience. Everyone wants to drive fast, but is usually limited by those pesky speed limits. However, for people who want to drive fast and not be concerned about the speed limit, they will love the opportunity to get out on Atlanta Motor Speedway and race around the track as fast as possible.

When people are looking for different things to do in Atlanta while on vacation, they will often try to find museums or galleries to go to. However, with Atlanta their are so many unique things to see and do the galleries and museums may be the last thing from people’s minds. In fact, with all the unique things to do it may take a month long vacation to get to enjoy them all. Find out where to take visitors in Atlanta on the next page!