When it comes to SEO activity, Google has put a major emphasis on the accessibility, usability and quality, further reinforcing just how important technical optimization can be.

If you want your organic search campaign to be a success, you will need to be sure that the webpages you have are built with a solid foundation, fully barrier free and having all of the necessary qualities to show the value and integrity that the search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo are looking for.

This will not only be beneficial when you want to boost your search performance in the SERPs, but it is also a good idea for helping you to mitigate against devaluation and algorithmic penalties.

What Does It All Mean?

We use technical audits to identify any issues that are stopping the search engines from crawling your webpages effectively to understand them and index them along with all of your content. As we work with you to resolve such issues, your website will fall in line with the Webmaster Guidelines detailed on Google. You will be better equipped when it comes to growing your traffic, user engagement and keyword rankings.

What Makes Technical SEO Optimization So Important?

The building of functional, attractive and interactive websites may be excellent for user experience, but it can bring about serious issues in terms of SEO performance. The search engines will look at your website much differently than your audience. The site has to be able to cater to the search engine robots and their needs, as well as your target audience.

The ranking algorithms of the search engines are complex, and they are constantly evaluating hundreds of factors on websites while determining what keywords should rank for certain search queries. Technical SEO optimization takes on any of the on-site issues that will stop the spiders of the search engines from crawling your pages and potentially favoring your pages.

What Does Technical Optimization Cover?

The process of technical optimization will cover a wide range of factors that will influence your SEO performance. These can range from optimizing the crawl of your pages, crawl error resolution, and server configuration, to the eradication of duplicate content and working to improve speed, usability and rendering of your website.