Someone asked me the other day, “Why do I need SEO services?” and I didn’t know what to say. I thought it was just common knowledge that most businesses knew the importance of a strong online presence through search engine optimization services. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. In this article, I’ll explain in layman’s terms why most (if not all) businesses need some sort of help in the SEO world.

Why Do I Need SEO ServicesSome people look at SEO services as a cost, but it’s actually an investment in your business. Just like you would invest in a great sign outside your building to draw in traffic, you should look at search engine optimization services in the same way. There are a few SEO companies who will do very little work for a lot of money, so you have to be careful that the agency you hire gives you the best value possible. There are a lot of great search engine optimization companies out there. All you have to do is search for them online and whoever is in the top two pages is probably a pretty viable option for your needs.

Again, don’t think about services as a cost. A cost is something that may not bring you any additional business. A cost is sort of like your energy bill or paying your lease. You have to do those things to stay open. SEO services are not that. These services increase your bottom line, not add to it.

SEO Services Help Impact the Research/Buying Cycle

If you’re thinking, “I’ve already got my website on the first page of Google, so why do I need SEO services?” then, this section is for you. Hiring someone or training someone to do some SEO services on behalf of your business is not just about ranking your website on the first page of Google or Bing. It should be an all-inclusive marketing campaign that answers buyers’ questions regarding your area of expertise. These people may or may not be ready to buy your product or service at the moment, but if YOU are the one who gave them the answers that they were looking for, YOU become the credible expert. Who do you think they’re going to buy from when they are ready? Some company they have never heard about or a company that has given them insight and answers to their questions? Of course, they are going to pick the company they are familiar with.

If you are really on top of your game, you’ll already have their contact information and they are now in your ‘sales funnel.’ This means that when they looked up some question in the search engines and your site popped up with an answer, there was an email opt-in form that they clicked on to get even MORE relevant information about your product or service. You will have already sent them two or three emails and they now have a relationship with your company. This not only helps the buyer make a better decision in their purchase, but also speeds the process along from ‘research mode’ to ‘buying mode.’

You Can Reach a Larger Audience with SEO Services

I’m sure that you have already heard about the massive amount of people who search for things online every day. There are millions of people scouring the internet for information about products and services. About half of these people are ready to buy right now. If your presence is not too significant online, then you are letting your competitors sell to these people. This alone should answer the question “Why do I need SEO services?” Search engine optimization encompass a lot of different things, but they all have the same intent. Their intent is to soak up as much of this online traffic as possible and redirect it to your website.

Other methods of marketing such as billboards or direct mail fail in comparison when you think about the amount of people who pay little to no attention to these tactics. They do pay attention to the first three results on the search engines however. That’s what your goal should be and that’s where you’ll get the highest return on your investment. You could be putting yourself in front of hundreds to thousands of qualified buyers every day.

SEO Services Increase Your Brand Identity

Another great benefit of increasing your online presence through search engine optimization services is the degree of brand identity that will be established. We’ve all seen the major brands run several tv commercials during primetime and truth be told, most of us get sick of them. However, the advertising agencies know that the commercials themselves are not going to get people to hop off the couch and go out to buy their products or services. So, why do they run so many commercials? It’s mostly for branding purposes. For instance, when we think of facial tissue, we think of the BRAND Kleenex. When we think of buying a new appliance, we think of General Electric or Maytag. These large companies do a great job of putting their logo out there every chance they can get. At this point, you should no longer be asking, “Why do I need SEO services?” Hopefully you’re picking up on the theme here. Search engine optimization services work in the same manner as these mass amounts of ads. By putting your company’s name and logo attached to every piece of relevant information surrounding your industry, people will think of YOU when they are ready to purchase.

One last great benefit of SEO services is that you don’t have to do it yourself or pay someone in your company to do it. That takes time and resources that could be spent elsewhere. After all, you’re still going to have to train anyone you hire on how to do the job correctly. It’s better to outsource search engine optimization services, in my opinion. That way you don’t have to learn the constant updates and parameters that the search engines use to rank websites or articles. Search engine optimization companies know all about these updates and it’s their job to know how to constantly change and shift their strategies to continue to give the best results possible.

Hopefully this article has helped you identify the importance of search engine optimization in your business. Also, I think I’ve pretty much covered the answers to the question, “Why do I need SEO services?” but if not, shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to answer any further questions you may have.